Vattenfall InCharge Customers

Earlier this year, Vattenfall UK Emobility made a decision to exit the UK Market and have now sold their UK Operation to Statkraft.

Vattenfall are currently the provider of the Charge Point Operation (CPO) services for Canterbury Council and South Norfolk Council charge point networks. These Networks were not included in the sale to Statkraft.

These Networks have been transferred to EV Dot as the CPO provider.

Following the transfer the charge points have new branding applied and the InCharge App and RFID card will no longer operate the charge points.

In order to access the charge points, you will need to download the Clenergy EV App or request a new RFID card.  It is also possible to reprogram your existing InCharge card or any other RFID card to work on the EV Dot charge points.

Click on this link to register

Please follow the video links on the homepage to reprogramme your RFID card.

The charge points will continue to be powered by 100% renewable energy.

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